Stray Dog Turned Foodie Has THE BEST Instagram.. and Life

@Popeyethefoodie is living HIS BEST LIFE in LA after being found on the street starving, matted and scared. Once his mama rescued him, his life now consists of visiting pet-friendly restaurants and capturing the CUTEST photos of him and the mouth-watering foods LA has to offer.

Quite frankly, that would be my best life too bc FOOD IS LIFE.

His mama has shared that Popeye doesn't actually get the food most of the time though, as human food isn't always the best option for dogs and their tummies, but will get nibbles here and there as long as its safe for the sweet boy. He actually much rather enjoys people watching, meeting other dogs and of course posing for his photos that have caught the attention 394K followers!

Check out some of my faves below. I obviously love the pizza ones a lot but had to throw in the sushi and beer AND the ice cream game night bc COME ON!

Follow @Popeyethefoodie for more serious cuteness.

Ray Gee


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