Iowa State Fan's Venmo Goes Viral For the Best Reason

'Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished' with his Venmo tag was the sign that went VIRAL at an Iowa State Football game which sparked a lot of random donations for Carson King!

Those donations kept flowing in though and once he realized how many people were contributing, he decided to give back in the best way possible. In total (so far) Carson has raised over $100,000 and donated it all to a Children's Hospital in the area...well, except for that one pack of Busch Light he bought. Who can blame him, right!?

and the money keeps coming! He is taking donations until the end of the month which will all be going to University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. It is apparently tradition at the games to wave to the hospitals windows during 1st quarter.. a special treat for the kids I'm sure!

Once businesses like Anheuser Busch and Venmo caught wind of the generosity, they agreed to MATCH King's donation to the hospital.

Stories like these prove when people come together, we can do great things.

Ray Gee


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