Tired of Unsolicited D!@% Pics? Texas Has Got Your Back

Texas has officially made sending an unsolicited lewd nudes illegal with an up to $500 fine and a criminal record if reported.

This new law has came into play after the CEO of the dating app Bumble met with state Rep. Morgan Meyer in lieu of the amount of complaints the app was receiving concerning unwanted pictures. In a world that's HIGHLY digital, sending an unsolicited picture is extremely easy. You can send through a multitude of apps, a text message, or even air dropping them right to someone's phone which is CRAZY because you don't even have to have them as a contact if your air drop is set to "Everyone."

Bumble is a female-forward dating app, where the girls have to make the first "move" so to speak if they want to make a connection. Its headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

Anyone that has ever received these types of pics would probably agree that this should be a Nationwide law. Sexual harassment is still sexual harassment even through a mobile device.

If you've never received an unsolicited pic of some man junk, I hope it never happens to you because it is UNCOMFY.


^How dudes look when they send unsoliticed d*** pics


^ How anyone looks receiving unsolicited d*** pics


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(Source: Insider.com)

Ray Gee


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