The Latest Internet Freak Out: Ranch Flavored Pop-Tarts

Ah yes, the internet... known v well for the MOST ridiculous debates with the latest one being Ranch Flavored Pop-Tarts: yay or nay?

Now before you go losing your mind, THESE ARE NOT REAL.

Instagram jabroni Pop Tart A Day , which is a parody account, posted this picture above and people have strong opinions. As they should. I am definitely team NOPE on this one.

TBH, my favorite part of this whole debacle are people's reactions on Twitter. I've shared a few below with my most favorite being Pop-Tart's simple "lol, no."

Can we all agree that Hidden Valley Ranch has been wildin' this year?

First the swimsuits, and now they are trying to make Ranch Pop-Tart's happen? IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

*Also, I still stick by my opinion that the one-piece swimsuit should've said: They call me Ranch, cause I be dressin'* 10/10 would buy.

Ray Gee


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