Company Makes Marijuana "Tampon" to Help With Cramps

So they aren't actually tampons... rather they are suppositories that are supposed to help with the pain that comes with having a period.

They contain three natural ingredients: THC oil, organic cocoa butter and CBD isolate.

Foria Relief, the official name of the suppository, is intended to relieve pain from both menstrual and pelvic discomfort.

According to users, the product has been reported to reduce pain within 15-30 minutes with little to no pyschoactive effects.

Ladies, would you try this? Drop a comment!

Foria also has other products containing THC and/or CBD that are said to help in other areas in your life such as Foria Explore, Foria Empower, and Foria Pleasure.

(Source: Health and Safety)


^You before Foria Relief


^You after Foria Relief (maybe...I ca't actually vouch for the product)

Ray Gee


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