This Etsy Shop will Photoshop Your Pet on the Iron Throne

Do you happen to be obsessed with your pet AND Game of Thrones? YEP. YES I AM.

Okay yeah I just answered my own question but it's because I am SO excited that I just found this Etsy shop. Also, it's no secret I am a crazy dog mom to my Luna and a huge Thrones nerd. Lowkey also super into Etsy.

PetCharacters has a ton of custom portraits (or pawtraits if you will) that feature your fur baby as your favorite characters. With GOT coming to an end, it's still unclear who will be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of it all. It won't be any of our pets but we can dream, right!?! Actually, we can do better and get a custom portrait of our sweet babies portrayed as Daenerys, Jon Snow, and more!

The shop can also make it so they look like they're shredding guitar or just generally looking regal AF, there's a lot to choose from, but my focus is on #DemThrones right now.

If you think I'm not HEAVILY considering this purchase, you are mistaken.

Check out some of their work below!

PetCharacters GAME OF THRONES Custom Pet Portrait
PetCharacters GAME OF THRONES Custom Pet Portrait

(Cover photo: Etsy shop PetCharacters)

Ray Gee


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