Parrot Does Time for Helping Commit the Crime

Pets are one of the greatest joys in this world. They provide unconditional love and loyalty to their families and this parrot is no exception! After warning its crack-dealing owners about a drug raid approaching their house, the feathery family member has found himself detained by the Brazil Po Po. The bird had been trained to yell "Mama, Police!" in Portuguese but even with warning he was not able to save his family. The house was raided, bundles of crack were found and his owners, along with himself were taken into custody.

To the cops surprise, the parrot didn't say a peep once getting brought down to the station. He obviously ain't no snitch.

Since they couldn't obtain any evidence from the parrot, they have turned him over to a local Zoo to live out his days of being an OG.


Video of the Parrot being brutally grilled by Brazil Police. The smug look on his face says it all.

(story by: Vice)

(Photo by: Getty Images)

Ray Gee


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