The Best Places in STL for Patio-Chillin' and Drink-Sippin'

WARNING: This post might trigger your day drinking senses. I am currently sitting here day dreaming of a beautiful patio with delicious drinks as I write this.

The Riverfront times compiled a list of some of the best patios in STL. These patios are more low key, somewhere you can sit, relax and have a conversation with your friends all while enjoying various beverages. I have been to a few on this list and can confirm that you won't run into any frat bro's shot-gunning PBR tall boys. Well... most likely... I can't make any promises.

Some of my favorite from the list to highlight:

  • Earthbound Beer
  • The Wood Shack
  • Alpha Brewing

Some of my favorites that didn't make the list:

  • Mcgurks Irish Pub
  • The Doghaus Soulard
  • Cafe Mochi
  • Atomic Cowboy
  • Parlor STL

+ many more.. I could go on for days, tbh.

Check out the full article here and see if your favorite patio made the list! If it didn't, drop your favorite in the comments!

Drinking on Patios
Ray Gee


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