Real Life Mario Kart is Coming to St. Louis

If it's always been your dream to race a Mario Kart track in real life well... your dreams are about to come true! Mushroom Rally- a company that travels to various cities across the country with one mission in mind, bringing Mario Kart to life, is set to come to St. Louis this Fall! During the event, you get to choose your costume and dress up as your favorite characters in the game. There is a customized themed track (let's hope it's not Rainbow Road) for each stop they make and participants get to win real prizes! One winner from every participating city will be flown to Las Vegas for the ultimate finale showdown and the winner gets the grand prize. But hurry and register for your chance to get in on this- only 600 people will be chosen to participate in the event.

To register, click here.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it to Vegas? Which character would you want to be? I call Princess Peach!


Princess Peach gettin' her drift on. Whatta bada**

(Cover Photo: Mushroom Rally)


Ray Gee


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