Dude Uses Tinder to Plan Vacation

Ryan Panlasigui, employee at Bring Me on Buzzfeed, had a wedding to attend in Hawaii. He figured the best way to make the most out of his trip would be to use Tinder to plan his vacation. Now I know what you're thinking.. "Tinder.. the hook up app??" and yes that's the one but that's not what it's always used for! Having used a few dating apps myself, I can vouch that not all people are on there just looking for a hook up. Anyway, his thought process was what better way is there to get the most out of his vacation in Hawaii than spending time with a local? And in my humble opinion, it's GENIUS! Locals are able to show you the BEST spots for food, views, and nightlife since they live it and it's a great way to get the best experience during your time.

Plus, spending time with a strange cutie in a beautiful place and you may or may not ever see them again is kinda hot, amiright!?!


*If you do use a dating app on vacation please be careful and remember to always meet in a public place. Make sure to let someone know where you'll be!

Ray Gee


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