Here are STL's Best Fish Fry's

It's officially the first Friday of the Lenten season so y'all know what that means: FISH FRY'S GALORE! Whether you're a practicing catholic or just appreciate a good fish fry (hi, it me), the next seven Friday's are getting fishy.

The people of the metro area have spoken about which fish fry's are a must and here are the top 5:

  1. Hobo's at the American Legion in St. Peters
  2. Marko's Fish House in Madison, IL
  3. St. Cecilia's Mexican Fish Fry
  4. St. Rose Development Club in St. Rose, IL
  5. Most Sacred Heart in Eureka

Is it just me or are you craving some fried fish now? Comment with your favorite fish fry if it didn't make the list!

(Cover photo by:Getty Images)

Story by: 5 On Your Side

Ray Gee


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