There's a New Challenge Teens Are Flipping Out Over

There seems to be a new challenge constantly popping up amongst our youths- some are incredibly stupid and dangerous like the Tide Pod challenge but some are really fun and creative like the KiKi Challenge. The newest challenge out here in these streets, the Ice Cream Cone Flip Challenge, would probably fit in to the latter category, although I'm not sure how creative it is because it's basically the water bottle challenge all over again but this time with an ice cream cone! This is how it works: Buy an ice cream cone and try not to devour it before you try the challenge (lol), then flip it 360 degrees and catch the cone with the ice cream still intact, THEN you take a bite out of it! Seems simple but I'd be willing to bet it's a lot harder than it looks.

Would you try it? Post your video below if you do!

Ray Gee


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