The Doghaus in Soulard is Combining My Three Favorite Activities

I always think about how I wish I could take Luna more places. That face she gives me when she knows I'm about to leave never gets easier. Well, The Doghaus in Soulard has answered my prayers and will very soon be opening a dog friendly hang out in one of my favorite neighborhoods! Being referred to as "the first dog bar" in our area, The Doghaus will be a full service bar where you can take your fur-baby to play with other fur-babies, hang out on the patio/dog park area, and even grab a bite from Good Bowl by Plantain Girl Mandy Estrella. Delicious-sounding and decently healthy looking food, cocktails and a place for Luna to tire out with new buddies!?! This might become my new regular spot. I can't wait for it to open!

Check out their Facebook for all the details and to take a look at the Good Bowl menu. It might have you drooling as much as your dog!

(Cover Photo: Getty Images)

Ray Gee


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