Spend Valentines Day The Cutest Way

Valentines Day is THE day to go all out for your significant other and what better present is there than having A PUPPY delivered right to you for snuggles and kisses? That is exactly what Gateway Pet Guardians is offering up this V-Day. For a $100 donation, GPG will deliver a puppy and a rose to your sig-o's work or wherever they're hanging out that day! Each puppy hangs out for about 10-15 minutes before they're on the next snuggle sesh. Deliveries will take place between normal business hours 9 am- 5 pm and they will travel up to a 30 mile radius from their home base! All orders must be placed no later than February 9th so make sure you get the form filled out ASAP if you're trying to make your loved one squeal for joy because PUPPIES- am I right? Even better, if your partner falls in love with said puppy, you can adopt one! GPG has around 50 adoptable pups that are looking for their furrrever home (that number is not including their full grown dogs btw).

Just putting it out there- if someone was thinking of having puppies delivered to me at work that would be more than okay. I don't even need the rose, just puppy snuggs. Would probably die. of. happiness. JUST SAYIN'

Ray Gee


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