Missing 3 Year Old in North Carolina Found, Says He Hung Out with a Bear

It was the bear necessities for three year old Casey Hathaway when he wandered off into the woods last Tuesday and ended up missing for two days! North Carolina has had some severe weather for it's area with freezing temperatures and heavy rain and people were extremely concerned that the kid would not survive in the cold. But not to fear because Hathaway is the most bada** three year old I've ever heard of and survived the nasty weather with a local bear. Or at least that's what he told his rescuers after they found him and made sure he was okay. I definitely think it's plausible, the bear was probably in hibernation and Hathaway could've just snuggled right up to the it without it even knowing (or at least that's what I like to think). The kid could've also taken a page out of his favorite cartoon "Masha and the Bear" which is about a mischievous little girl, Masha, and a paternal bear that tries to keep her out of trouble. I'm happy the boy is okay and that his family can ease their mind after, I'm sure, they were worried sick for two days. Casey will have a very interesting story to tell for the rest of his life!

What do you think? Do you think he survived for two days in the woods with a bear? Let's discuss!

(photo: Getty Images)

Ray Gee


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