FOAM on Cherokee Needs Your Support

FOAM, a music venue and coffee + booze bar located in the historic Cherokee neighborhood is known for helping local musicians get their start in the industry by providing a unique space for them to perform. More importantly, the owner Mic Boshans never takes the artists' door money which I personally think is great. That can really help build a loyal performance schedule when you treat your performers with fairness and respect. In addition to local shows, the venue has held community meetings, small business pop ups and other types of groups. However, Boshans says business has really declined and they need community support now more than ever to help the venue to stay open. With more and more businesses closing on Cherokee, they can no longer rely on foot traffic to help with business. Boshans also believes the decline has more to do with people not wanting to get out and spend money and less with the perceived crime rate in the area. He has picked up multiple jobs just to keep FOAM open and has also created a campaign in hopes that people can help donate to keep the place running. You can (and should) read more about their mission to keep FOAM open and why it is so important to them here.  

If you're out and about this weekend, I highly encourage you to stop into foam for a coffee or their signature Chai Rye Old Fashioned and check out all that goes in to making this venue so special to not only the owners and artists but for their regular patrons as well.


Ray Gee


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