Study Shows That Dogs Can Actually Tell Time

My whole life is a lie. I've always been told and thought to be true that dogs have absolutely no sense of time. To make myself feel better when I have those really long days, I have told myself that Luna really doesn't understand how long I am gone but apparently that's not the case. A study from Northwestern University states that after they examined a part in the brain that is associated with memory and navigation, they found an unknown set of neurons that turn on like a clock when your pet is waiting. So yeah, they know when you're late with their dinner. Furthermore, since this study involves the memory part of the brain, the team behind it believes they might be able to use the evidence to study how neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, affects these neurons. This could quite possibly lead to new early detection tests!

Science is so cool. Check out the full study in the link above and learn some stuff. I know I'll be more cognizant of Luna's time from now on... as if she didn't already rule my life. And yes that is a picture of her on the cover.. full picture below for maximum cuteness. 


When you're about to step out but he knows it's almost dinner time. 

Ray Gee


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