This Pizza Pub is Taking Brunch to the Next Level

Bennie's Pizza Pub, a newer spot in downtown Belleville, is now serving up brunch! They are already known for their delicious, giant slices of pizza and now they've added a breakfast twist. With breakfast pizza's like biscuits and gravy and bacon, egg and cheese and their signature Hot Mess Bloody Mary, which includes a slice of pizza about as big as your head, it is every pizza AND brunch lover's dream. Which, if you're anything like me, you fit into both of those categories! #Brunchislife #Pizzatoo

They don't offer it every weekend though, so make sure you check their Facebook for when they announce their Boozy Brunches.

This coming Sunday, January 27th, is when they are having their next one and you can bet your bottom I will be in there with a slice in one hand and a Bloody Mary in the other!

Ray Gee


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