The Cheese Shack Is Getting It's Own Store Front

If you're a food truck fanatic in the St. Louis area, chances are you've had The Cheese Shack. Their gourmet grilled cheese, mouth-watering mac n cheese bites and more are every cheese lovers dream! The popular food truck is getting its own store front, set to open in March. Take it from an experienced Cheese Shack patron, their food is very gouda (cheese pun LOL). If they are out at an event, best believe I am hitting it up. The store front will be located at 6043 2nd Street in Kimmswick, MO. However, if you can't make it out there, the truck will still be out wheelin' and dealin' all your favorite cheesy treats. 

Check out their Facebook for more information or to take a look at their awesome menu.

Ray Gee


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