Drove 2 Hours OUT OF STATE for a Secret Taco Bell Item!

Well, this might be one of the more stupid things I've ever done. 

As you may, or may not, know - I like to think I'm the world's biggest Taco Bell fan. I mean, I've got a legit Taco Bell Drive Thru neon sign in the ALT 106.3 studio. So when I caught wind of the fabled Chili Cheese Burrito - I knew I had to try it.

I stumbled across ChiliCheese.org, a website dedicated solely to bringing back the burrito, discontinued in the late 90's. Even though it's not available nationally, some franchises still choose to include the item on their menus, and ChiliCheese.org has made it their mission to keep the burrito's cult-like following in the know on where to find them. There's even an interactive map to highlight the latest spottings. 

That's how I ended up in Omaha, NE this weekend. On the hunt for the Chili Cheese Burrito

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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