Panic! at the Disco's Metal Version of 'The Calendar'

Am I spamming you with Panic! at the Disco posts? Maybe. Is it worth it? YES. Check out this heavy metal version of 'The Calendar' Brendon Urie leaked on Twitch!

Just for reference, 'The Calendar' first appeared on P!ATD's third album Vices & Virtues in 2011. However, in the video Brendon says that the band recorded the metal version for fun back in 2010. Check it out here:


I would LOVE to hear the actual recording of the metal version, so here's to hoping that P!ATD releases it - even just for fun! Brendon Urie has even joked about releasing a whole metal album, which would be AMAZING. Here's the original version of 'The Calendar' so you can compare. They're just a liiiiiittle different... 

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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