Behind-the-Scenes at the Slaughterhouse

Well, if you don't have plans for Halloween night yet... now you do! The Slaughterhouse is Iowa's scariest haunt, and it absolutely lives up to the hype. 

I got the chance to meet with the Biggs brothers, the "founders" of this terrifying family. We discussed all the hard-hitting topics of the Slaughterhouse. You know - incest, patrons literally pooping themselves from fear, and of course, slaughter. Turns out, they realllly wanted me to stay... forever. 

Check out my interview with the Biggs boys here:


I even got to go backstage of this wildly impressive haunt to see all of the hard work that goes into making the attraction so damn scary. Cazzie, one of their super talented makeup artists, hooked me up with a crazy realistic zombie makeover. 

Watch the whole process here:

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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