Tool at Enterprise Center on May 13 at 8pm.

Tickets on sale NOW! Click here to purchase!

Ticketmaster will be implementing their Smart Queue. This is a virtual waiting line. 

How the Smart Queue works:

Go to Tool’s Ticketmaster webpage:

Join the Waiting Room at least 10 minutes prior to the event going on sale.

When the sale begins, the Queue will open and you’ll be given a place in line.

Once it’s your turn to shop, you’ll use the map to select your seats and then proceed to checkout. Please note, that during high-demand sales, tickets are available first-come, first-served, and not guaranteed.

Shopping Tip: If you’re planning to shop for an event on your mobile device, don’t allow your screen to dim or your Waiting Room will pause. Also, resist the urge to refresh. Your page will automatically refresh when you enter the Queue

For additional information about the Smart Queue, go here!


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