The ’Burbs Music & Arts Festival

The ’Burbs Music & Arts Festival will electrify all music, art and festival lovers alike on Saturday, August 5 with good vibes and chill rays. Festival includes music genres EDM, Pop/Rock, Hip Hop, Jam and Soul. The festival will take over Central Park and Chesterfield Amphitheater, setting itself up to be the party of the summer! Ticket prices are $20 with student specials throughout the summer. Three performance stages will bring the park to life with national and local DJs, bands, arts and more! Adding another dimension to the event will be a colossal amount of temporary art installations both big and small, dotting the landscape and transporting the festival-goer’s mind into a parallel universe called The ’Burbs. 

Doors: 2:00 PM

Tickets on sale now! For more info and to purchase, click here.

The Burbs


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